Should You Get an MBA or Start a Business?

Should You Get an MBA or Start a Business?

You have the next great idea, be it a product, a service, or an innovation upon something that already exists. But you’re not too sure about what to do next. Perhaps going to business school makes sense because it can empower you with the tools to start your own company and operate it successfully. Pursuing an MBA at Sarah Lawrence College will surely give you the skills you need to compete and understand the organizational structure of big companies with many departments and teams working together towards a common goal. It can even teach you how to create an enticing business plan that will attract investors.

Getting an MBA can do all of these things and more. They’ve been around for over a hundred years and have been instrumental in preparing students for the complex world of big business. It’s a place to learn the fundamentals of business and build lasting relationships that could serve you well long after you graduate.

What about your groundbreaking idea? Competition is fierce out there. You may be sitting on a million dollar idea that you don’t want someone else to come up with as well and, worse yet, beat you to the marketplace. So what’s the answer here? Should you get your MBA or just start that business. Ask 100 different people, you’ll likely get as many answers. So we’re going to provide some facts about MBA’s and how they can help, then you can decide the best plan of attack. It’s true some of the great entrepreneurs like Gates, Zuckerberg, and Jobs never even attended one class of business school, but many others have and went on to build global brands that have raked in billions.

Focus on Entrepreneurship

MBA programs have long been the breeding ground for great ideas as students learn how to develop, market, and distribute their products. Gaining the vital knowledge necessary to understand how companies operate, and more importantly, grow. But lately, more MBA programs have put an emphasis on motivating and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in students, offering courses and projects designed to help students foster their creative intellect for building their own companies. The goal is to give them a real world view of what it takes to get a business off the ground in addition to having the skills to find a position at a top company.

Team Building

You can look to your peers and professors as a way to assemble the right team to get your business up and running. An MBA program offers a wide range of opportunities for starting long-term relationships with individuals who can help you tackle difficult problems as you turn your dream into a reality.

Skills for Success

An MBA doesn’t just prepare you on how to get your business started. It provides you with even more valuable information on the most important aspect – running it properly. It’s one thing to have a great idea, another to manage to get that idea to market, and a very different thing to maintain your presence in a way that equals long-lasting success. The transition period from fruition to prosperity is where many businesses fail. An MBA program can help you navigate that tumultuous part of the process. Maryville offers an MBA in supply chain management, just one of the crucial aspects of getting your business off the ground successfully.

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